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Nationwide Tours

We provide nationwide travel and tours services with friendly guides.

We can also suggest you the special must visit places of Nepal in a very affordable and attractive packages.

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Mountain Flights 

If you want to go some places of Nepal or take a scenic round trip of Himalayas (Mountain Flight), This is an hour flight towards Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga. During the flight you will be surrounded with many mountain peaks. You can feel the snow caved mountains from very near along with more than four 8000 m mountains. The flight offers window guaranteed seats which  flies above the cloud at above 4500 m elevation.

mountain flight

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Bhutan Tour

Bhutan, a Buddhist Kingdom, lies along the lofty ridges of the eastern Himalayas, bordered by China (Tibet).We offer you an opportunity to have an insight into the religion, culture, ecology and life in this beautiful country. The distinct architecture, the intricate paintings, unusual handicrafts and the cottage industries are very impressive and inspiring. The tours introduce the visitors to the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture including sacred dance festivals and pilgrimage sites. Depending on the length of your holiday and your interest please choose one of the trips recommended below and contact us for its realization.
 3 nights/4 days
A Glimpse of Bhutan 3 nights/4 days: A cultural tours to Bhutan.
4 nights/5 days
Arrival at Paro and, reception by our representative at the airport and drive to Thimpu. Overnight hotel.

Bhutan  Cultural Tour – 7 nights/8 days
Bhutan Cultural Tour – 7 nights/8 days – A cultural Journey towards dragon land.

The Last Shangri-La – 10 nights/ 11 days:
The Last Shangri-La 10 nights/ 11 days: Shangri La Tour to Bhutan. This tour know as most popular tour in Bhutan for those who loves Bhutanese culture and tradition.

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Tibet Tour

Tibet tour offers colorful and dynamic cultural wonders, historic and prominent landmarks, fluttering prayer flags and sites with influential religious heritage. Providing full insight into the Tibetan culture, the nomadic people and their lifestyle, this forbidden city has various secrets that can be revealed by cultural tours in Tibet. The isolated strip of the highland plateau is filled with unique age-old traditions, ancient monasteries, cultural cities, heavenly lakes and the dramatic North face of the world’s highest mountain, Everest.Main Attraction : Potala Palace, The winter palace of Dailai lama, Jokhang Temple, Sera and Drepung Monastery the Biggest Monastery in Lhasa.

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Mountain Amantes Adventure has been in service since 2015 and occupied itself to a well -treasured in expressions of Hospitality and detail service among its valued guests and employees. Over the year we have built a wealth of experience and knowledge; enabling us to provide incredible treks, tour for groups and individual travelers specialized in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Our Travel counsel team is expert in planning memorable trips, tailored to every individual need and wish.  We had developed itineraries emphasizing culture and Natural Charm of our destination, which can be fit all of our client’s anticipation.

We endorse integrity through our respect for individuals, detail communication, consistency and fairness in our actions.Mountain Amantes Adventure is officially recognized and licensed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Government of Nepal , Nepal Tourism Board .we had affiliation with Trekking Agencies of Nepal (TAAN) and with the Kathmandu Environment Education Project .

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[one_third][title size=”small”]Why Choose Us[/title][toggle title=”Mission  “]The most important benefit is that tourism provides regular employment for many local people living in remote parts of Nepal who might otherwise be unemployed. [/toggle][toggle title=Objective]

local people may learn from tourist. Likewise, visitor learns about the local people and culture, and return home with a deeper understanding of NEPAL.

[/toggle][toggle title=Goal]

Natural sovereign Nepal. “Once is NOT-ENOUGH”

.[/toggle][toggle title=INTEGRITY ]we endorse integrity through our respect for individuals, detail communication, consistency and fairness in our actions.[/toggle][toggle title=ACHIEVEMENT]we continually strive to find the better way to peruse our company and personal goal. Mountain Amantes is committed to provide training, support and growth opportunities for its team members to ensure a rewarding and secure future.[/toggle][toggle title=Quality service]Delivering exceptional service to our guests, our communities, and to each other.[/toggle][toggle title=Hospitable guide and tour operator]we have well trained with multi talented guides and tour operator who will make your day joyful with loads of memories to cherish  .[/toggle][/one_third][one_fourth_last][title size=”small”]Affiliations[/title]a b c d e[/one_fourth_last]

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