Bungee at High Ground Adventures, Pokhara


Nepal’s first and only tower Bungee, High Ground Bungee has something for everyone. Located at a convenient 20 minutes from Pokhara Lakeside, the jump site offers a spellbinding view of the Himalayas, the hills and the rivers that will take your breath away.


Safety Standards

The HighGround bungee is set-up and operated by highly trained professionals (jump-masters) from Europe and complies with the highest safety standards. We have adopted the best technologies in the industry and the highest quality bungee cord to ensure the safety of our valued clients.

Videos and Pictures

Videos and pictures can be purchased at bungee station

Participants Eligibility

Participant’s age must be 13 and older only and must weight between 35 and 125 kgs.



Package Description

  • 70 Meter Vertical Drop
  • 3 Sec Free Fall


Book the tour

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Total = $90.00


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